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Life Skills Development

Life skills are the skills that help people function fully and successfully in different domains of everyday life. We believe that the following eight skills are essential to success both inside and outside of the athletics arena, and think that organized sport with quality coaching, provides an excellent environment in which to develop them. 

Core Values - Individuals who possess strong, personal core values are self-aware, honest, principled, and responsible for their actions. They know who they are, what they believe, and make choices based on those beliefs. A value-based foundation is critical for further development so start here if you're looking to establish your team's values or build personal values in your athletes.

Growth Mindset - Individuals with a growth mindset believe that their basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. They have learned how to learn, tend to focus on the process rather than the result, and have developed a resilience that is essential for great success.


Goal Setting - Goal setters can identify an objective, follow through with action plans to accomplish it, and have the ability to make adjustments to those plans as factors change. 


Grit - Those with grit have a passion and motivation to achieve long-term objectives. They tend to be tough, resilient, and hard working because achieving long-term goals typically requires one to persevere and overcome adversity at some point along the way.

Empathy - Empathetic individuals are conscious of others can express vulnerability enough to truly connect with another person. They can 'stand in someone else's shoes' or 'see through someone else's eyes' and are often emotionally intelligent and approachable.


Communication - People skilled in the art of communication demonstrate appropriate tone, non-verbal, timing, and listening skills. The can give honest feedback, hold others accountable, and navigate conflict. 


Teamwork - Individuals with teamwork skills cooperate, collaborate, and respect the differences among other members of their team. They participate and fulfill their role to the best of their ability so the group can solve problems and improve. 

Leadership - Those with leadership skills possess strong foundational, personal, and interpersonal life skills. They have a vision for the way things should be and have the influence and ability to make those around them better and more productive. They serve others. They can take charge when needed, yet also know how to follow and support others who are leading the right way.

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Want to know how your athletes evaluate themselves when it comes to life skills? Click on the circle above to download a PDF of our Athlete Life Skills Survey. If you'd like to distribute your survey electronically and have your team results analyzed upon completion, please contact our Director, Danielle Slaton. She will provide you with an online link, a team code, and analysis of your team results.