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21st Century Leadership Initiative

The Leadership Initiative will plan and launch a unified program of training and support services for Catholic schools and parishes, and for the charter, private, and public schools in which the larger Bay Area Catholic community participates. This initiative will bring together the School’s educational leadership degree and certificate programs, as well as Catholic innovations, blended learning, and church management efforts. The intent is to create and support a pipeline of effective, innovative school leaders who are data-driven decision makers in the Diocese of San Jose, across the wider region including charter, public, and private education providers, and in collaboration with partner Catholic universities in the region and across the nation.

This initiative begins with a 3-year sequence of planning and pilot programs (September 2015 to August 2018), leads to full implementation in September 2018, and progresses through these 6 phases.

Unify and retool the program: Program Renewal and University Faculty Development.

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Develop a leadership pipeline: Focus on Developing Future Leadership from Current Potential.

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Intensify services in the Diocese of San Jose.

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Expand to surrounding dioceses: Expansion of Services to the Regional Catholic Community.

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Develop a network of Catholic partners: Collaboration with Catholic Universities.

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Launch services across Catholic, charter, private and public school collaborators.

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The Leadership Initiative will capitalize and build on our existing strengths in the Catholic schools of the Diocese of San Jose while expanding to opportunities in other dioceses, with other Catholic partners, charter, private, and public schools. Because charter schools have features of both private and public schools, the initial experience with the private sector Catholic schools will strengthen our ability to provide high quality training and service to charter school leaders during the latter phase of our pilot. We are committed to using 2015-2018 to unify and retool our programs, develop leadership pipelines, expand our services to surrounding dioceses, develop a consortium of like-minded university partners, and create a collaboration across Catholic, charter, private, and public educational providers that has its roots here in the South Bay. The proposed sequence and timeline begins with 15 outcomes in service of an overarching goal.