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Phase 1 – Unify and retool the program

Program Renewal and University Faculty Development

September - February 2016

Outcome 1: No later than December 2015, the existing academic degree and certificate programs will be renewed as a unified leadership initiative with revised and approved program standards, assessments, instructional processes and supporting technologies that meet new California and national accreditation standards.

Outcome 2: By January 2016 the initiative will launch new content and performance assessments, and use this assessment data for decision making about the program and individual candidate progress and support. These content and performance assessments may include pre-post content testing in all core classes and workshops, ongoing formative use of 360 assessments and data driven support in field courses and internships, portfolio and perception assessments across program experiences, and site outcome and impact measurements.

Outcome 3: By February 2016 Educational Leadership Program faculty and staff will be on-boarded to the initiative, and will be trained in the use of the program assessments and instructional systems for portfolio formation and evaluation, 360 evaluation, blended learning instruction, coaching support, and field support.