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Phase 4 – Expand to surrounding dioceses

Expansion of Services to the Regional Catholic Community

January 2016 – January 2017

Outcome 7: By February 1, 2016 the initiative will develop a needs analysis and program/marketing plan for collaboration with the Diocese of San Jose, and other dioceses with which we already have established relationships in California and Nevada. This will include a feasibility study of existing and possible curriculum delivery models.

Outcome 8: By June 1, 2016 the School will have leadership training and support agreements with surrounding California and Nevada dioceses providing for some level of service in at least 5 dioceses.

Outcome 9: By January 1, 2017 the initiative will offer the fully revised and renewed programs and processes for developing future leaders in Catholic schools and parishes focused on 1 new cohort of current vice-principal/teacher leaders and 1 new cohort of current parochial vicars with participants in surrounding California and Nevada dioceses.