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Phase 6 Launch services

Across Catholic, charter, private and public school collaborators

April 2016 – August 2018

Outcome 13: By April 2016 the initiative will complete a needs analysis and agenda of opportunities for collaboration among Catholic, charter, private and public providers focused on areas where the University could provide added value to each and all of the school types. This will include a feasibility study of existing and possible curriculum delivery models.

Outcome 14: By June 2016 the Leadership Initiative team and School will host a gathering of Catholic, charter, private and public educational service providers focused on a topic of mutual concern identified in the needs analysis. This gathering will be developed in cooperation with county superintendent and charter school management organizations with which the initiative has relationships.

Outcome 15: By January 2017 the initiative will develop and propose a plan for leadership development across Catholic, charter, private and public educational service providers based on common concerns and respect for evidence based practices and data driven decision making.

Outcome 16: By January 2018 the School will draft a detailed implementation grant proposal for presentation to the Sobrato Family Foundation and other funding sources. This will include detailed plans for implementing our Launch Goal. The project description, outcomes and budget proposal will be more fully developed in 2017. Anticipated funding for implementation will be secured by August 2018.

By August 2018 the School of Education and Counseling Psychology, through the 21st Century Educational Leadership Initiative will develop, fund, and launch a coordinated set of services, partnerships and blended programs, of recognized quality, to provide leadership training and support services. These programs will engage the Diocese of San Jose as well as surrounding California and Nevada dioceses, and will be in partnership with a consortium of educational leaders from Catholic universities, and Catholic, charter, private and public schools located in the South Bay Area of California.

The successful attainment of these outcomes and this goal would result in more effective schools and services, and greater opportunity and improved lives for the entire Catholic community of the Diocese of San Jose and the surrounding region.