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The life lessons learned in sport are transferable to the business world in countless ways. The Coaching for Life Academy uses lessons from sport to teach leadership techniques, mental training, and life skills that can be used on a daily basis in business. 


Is your company looking to develop your managers into better ‘people leaders?’

Does your company value career and life skill development for its young professionals

Are you interested in a wellness seminar that would benefit your employees and their families?


We offer:

Corporate Workshops

Corporate training workshops for executives and young professionals that are facilitated at your company's office

Corporate Training Workshops:

  • Team Management for Executives
  • Leadership Development for Managers
  • Effective Communication with Supervisors, Employees, Peers and Clients
  • Motivation and the Growth Mindset
  • Team Building in Business
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Life Skills

Wellness Seminars

Wellness seminars for employees and families; held either at Santa Clara University or your company


If you are interested in a corporate workshop or wellness seminar at your company, please contact our director, Danielle Slaton.