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The policies found on this page are applicable to all students in the School of Education & Counseling Psychology. Students must abide by the policies found with the School of Education & Counseling Psychology Bulletin. The School Bulletin supercedes policies found within the student handbooks. Questions related to these forms should be directed to the Student Services Manager at

Graduate Bulletins






Academic Probation Policy

Students are expected to maintain and overall minimum GPA of 3.0 ("B" grade). Those falling below this standard will be placed on academic probation.
Students failing to maintain the required grade point average or make satisfactory academic progress will be notified by the Office of Student Services and Assessment once final grades have posted. The student will be placed on academic probation and referred to his / her department.
Students on academic probation will be required to meet with their advisor, discuss the situation, and develop a plan for improving their academic performance. A summary of the discussion is to be written and submitted to the Office of Student Services and Assessment. This record will be placed in the student's academic file. This process must be completed by the deadline to add courses for the specific quarter.
Any student failing to raise his / her overall GPA to 3.0 by the end of the following quarter (except summer) will be dismissed from the program. In extraordinary circumstances (e.g. if the student achieved high grades during the quarter but the GPA was previously so low that one quarter does not allow the GPA to rise above 3.0) a student may petition for an opportunity to remain in the program. This letter of petition is to be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Student Services and will be evaluated by a faculty committee.

Student Disputes and Conflict Resolution