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Campus maps are available on the 1st floor of Guadalupe Hall in the Enrollment Services Office.

You can also find a searchable Campus Map.

Your ACCESS Card serves as your official SCU ID. It is also your library card, can act as a debit card, and can allow you access into SCU buildings and facilities (such as the Malley Fitness Center). You can find more information, including the location and hours of the ACCESS Card Office here.

The University Library offers a wide variety of services, including extensive onsite and online resources. Subject Librarians are available for Education (Gail Gradowski) and Counseling Psychology (Sophia Neuhau) students. More information on the University Library can be found here.

Your specific financial obligations will be found on eCampus. You will have the ability to see the details of your account, including anticipated aid. You also have the ability to pay your tuition directly from this site.

Information on tuition, fees, billing, payment options, refunds, financial responsibility, holds, and tuition protection can all be found at the Bursar’s Office.

The School of Education and Counseling Psychology Admissions and Financial Aid Office maintains a list of financial aid options for students on their website.

Proof of enrollment, requesting official transcripts, and changing your name are all done by the Office of the Registrar.

The University’s Academic Technology Center can assist you with issues related to SCU email, eCampus, networking, and other questions. Begin here to locate helpful tips, trainings, and contact information.

You can find your instructor’s contact information on your course syllabus.

All dates and deadlines can be found in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology bulletin, the academic calendar, and on the Student Services & Assessment page.

Your academic advisor is listed on your eCampus launch page. Each advisor will have their own policy on how they prefer to schedule appointments.

Registration windows open each quarter and are listed on the academic calendar. Students are issued appointment windows for registration, allowing them to register for classes. These windows are followed open enrollment, allowing students to register without appointment. Students are responsible for all applicable ADD/DROP/SWAP fees that may apply.

The Office of Disability Resources is has been designated by the University to ensure access for all students with disabilities to all academic programs and University resources hours and contact information can be found on their webpage.

All communications from Santa Clara University and the School of Education & Counseling Psychology are sent to your email address. Students should use this email and / or forward all communication to their preferred email address.

Appeasement letters must be written by the School of Education & Counseling Psychology's Credential Analyst. Requests for an appeasement letter must be submitted to

All credential questions should be directed to the School of Education & Counseling Psychology's Credential Analyst at