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Student Organizations

SAGE - Student Association for Graduate Education

2017-2018 Officers

Elena Cervantes SAGE HS 2017

Luz Elena Cervantes


“I didn’t choose teaching, teaching chose me.", Luz Elena Cervantes. B-MATTC Program, SS Spanish Candidate with a Bilingual Authorization. Enrolled in the Stanford World Language Project, SWLP. Elena is committed to contribute to build a close SAGE community in collaboration with her peers and into contact with ExCEL students.

Jennifer Dolan SAGE HS 2017

Jennifer Dolan


Jennifer Dolan is enrolled in the one year MATTC Single Subject - English. She looks forward to acting as an advocate for her fellow MATTC candidates while connecting with EXCEL, BMATTC, and Teacher Education students, doing her best to provide caffeine at all possible opportunities.

Jonathan Ishii SAGE HS 2017

Jonathan Ishii


Jonathan Ishii is excited to be your 2017-2018 SAGE Representative! Jon is part of the ExCEL-MATTC Program. Community is an important part of the graduate experience and what better way to do it with people who are passionate about: education, social justice, mimosas, sharing great ideas, laughs and adventures. Jon plans on building community by supporting and celebrating our SCU Broncos, with opportunities for collaboration and social events.

Lance Morrill SAGE HS 2017

Lance Morrill


Lance Morrill is a Single-subject Social Sciences MATTC candidate. He is excited to teach students to actively engage with content and focus on real-world application. Lance hopes to build a strong sense of community throughout the teaching program at Santa Clara University through SAGE, and to build bridges to others that support social justice in education.

SCU Seal Full Color

Maritz Santa Cruz


Maritza Santa Cruz is a Single Subject Social Studies Candidate in the MATTC Program with Bilingual Authorization. Now representing her colleagues as a SAGE officer, Maritza hopes to incorporate more interactive social events and organize events that will benefit credential candidates, academically and socially, during their time before and after student teaching. 

Tiffanie Willie SAGE HS 2017

Tiffanie Willie


Tiffanie Willie is excited to be one of your 2017-2018 SAGE Representatives. Tiffanie is in the 1 Year MATTC Program for SS – ART. Her passion is in ceramics and is currently placed at a middle school. Tiffanie’s goals for SAGE are to build a community that encompasses: support, collaboration, and fun.


Faculty Advisor = Kathleen Stoehr, Ph.D.

CPSY GSA - Counseling Psychology Graduate Student Association

2017-2018 Officers

Renee Behan HS

Renée Bahan


President, CPSY GSA. I am a third year student on the Joint MFT/ LPCC Track in the Corrections Emphasis. I want to build our sense of community through GSA events that engage us with each other and the larger community beyond our program.

Kiersten Sandvick HS

Kiersten Sandvick

Vice President of Student Affairs and Events

Vice President of Student Affairs and Events, CPSY GSA. I am a Correctional emphasis on the MFT track and am currently about halfway through the program. This year, I look forward to working with the other GSA officers to plan events that are meaningful to students and that help students find a sense of community in our program.

Mun Keong Joshua Toh HS

Mun Keong Joshua Toh

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Vice President of Finance & Administration, CPSY GSA. I am a third year student on the MFT Track, and I am doing my practicum at Uplift Family Services. I am interested in championing the rights of international students, and encouraging a vibrant social life for the CPSY GSA family.

Daniella Navarrete HS X

Daniella Navarrete

President of Multicultural Affairs

President of Multicultural Affairs. MFT track plus LGBT emphasis. I’m passionate about trauma therapy and liberation psychology. As a certified Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Counselor, with experience in community organizing for labor, feminist, LGBTQ plus, immigrant, & racial justice, I hope to enhance our multicultural & social justice offerings within CPSY.

Faculty Advisors = Bob Michels, Ph.D. and Ling Lam, Ph.D.