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Master of Arts in Counseling

Units: 52.5 quarter units (3 quarter units = 2 semester units)
Program Length: 2 years(full-time)
Emphasis Options: Latino counseling, correctional psychology, and health psychology
Start Dates: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer
Instructional Method: On campus

The M.A. in Counseling is an ideal program for those who are already in a position in a field that rewards advanced training and those who are using the M.A. as a stepping-stone for doctoral studies. Students may opt to include any of our three emphasis areas in Correctional PsychologyHealth Psychology, or Latino Counseling to their degree. An emphasis functions like a minor. Students not electing an emphasis may choose from a variety of electives to expand their knowledge in various areas.

For the latter group, the 52.5 unit program can serve as a post-baccalaureate, pre-doctoral training program. This is especially useful for students who were not undergraduate psychology majors, completed a baccalaureate degree many years ago, or want additional background and training in the field. Usually, these students combine their classwork with research opportunities during the Master's program. In recent years, a vast majority of these students have been successfully placed in doctoral programs.

The Master of Arts degree in Counseling does not meet the requirements to sit for a license in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in any state.

In accordance with California State regulations, students who complete and receive the 52.5 unit master’s degree cannot, post-graduation, transfer or apply those credits toward the completion of an MFT license program.

The former group of students opt for this degree to work in educational settings, career centers, community agencies, hospitals, religious settings, and in industry.

For admissions questions, please email