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Application Process

To apply to ExCEL, candidates must complete and submit a single online application.

 This application serves all of Santa Clara’s graduate programs for education, so to ensure that you’re applying specifically to ExCEL, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with a username and password. You can use this username and password to log in or out of the application at any point, and restart it at any point, so that you don’t have to complete the application in one sitting.
  2. Under the Program of Study tab:
    • First select “New Student”, and then under Degree Level, choose “Master’s”.
    • Under Program of Study, select “Master of Arts in Teaching + Teaching Credential – Multiple Subject” (if you’d like to be an elementary school teacher) or select “Masters of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential – Single Subject” (if you’d like to be a middle or high school teacher).
    • Skip the Added Endorsement section.
    • Answer “No” to the Internship Pathway question.
    • Select “Summer” for the quarter to which you’re applying.
    • Answer “Yes” to the question: “Are you applying to ExCEL?”
    • Answer the next two questions (about Affiliation to SCU and Previous Applicant) as appropriate.
  3. Next, complete the Personal Background tab with your personal contact information.
  4. Under the Academic History tab, you’ll need to submit an official transcript from the university you are attending or the one where you completed your bachelor’s degree.
  5. If you are currently at or have attended a university in the U.S., skip the Test Score tab.
  6. Please fill out information about your previous employment under the Employment tab.
  7. Under the Supplemental Questions tab:
    • Mark “Yes” to the first question and then describe in a few sentences your experiences working and/or volunteering with children or adolescents. Also, be sure that one of your letters of recommendation (Step 11) comes from a person (i.e., supervisor) with knowledge of your experience working with children or adolescents, so that they can verify your work and speak to your strengths in this area.
    • While ExCEL teachers do not complete Student Teaching Placement, they still of course work with children or adolescents, so you’ll need to be fingerprinted and undergo a TB test once you are admitted to ExCEL. You do not need to be fingerprinted or TB-tested for your application to ExCEL; you’ll only do these things if you are accepted to the program.  Please mark “Yes” to the question about this policy.
  8. Under the tab ExCEL Supplemental Questions, three essay prompts are presented.  Please answer these prompts in 250-500 words for each essay:
    • Why would you like to become a teacher, and why do you specifically seek to teach in a Catholic school? What grade level (if K-5) or subject area (if 6-12) would you like to teach?
    • ExCEL holds strong commitments to social justice and to the spiritual development of its teachers. Why do these commitments appeal to you as an applicant?
    • Why do you seek to live in close community with fellow teachers through a program like ExCEL?
  9. Please answer all questions listed under the Recruitment tab, which asks you how you came to learn about ExCEL and to what other graduate/teaching programs you’re applying.
  10. Under the Statement of Purpose tab, you’ll need to submit two documents (in MS Word or PDF form):
    • First, you’ll submit a Statement of Purpose, which is a 1-2 page essay that explains why you want to be a teacher, why you’d like to join ExCEL, and what kind of past experiences you may have had that demonstrate your commitment to social justice, multiculturalism, and/or diversity.
    • Second, you’ll submit an up-to-date resume that lists your education, degree/s attained (or expected), and related work and volunteer experience. Any format that can clearly display this information is acceptable.
  11. Under the Recommendations tab, you’ll designate two reference individuals and give their contact information. (Please ensure that one of your designated references can speak to your past work with kids.)  SCU will then send your references a recommendation form.  Once a reference person completes her/his/their form, you’ll get a confirmation email from SCU acknowledging this.
  12. Under the Scholarships tab, answer “No” to the question about your interest in scholarships. All ExCEL teachers are afforded financial assistance through SCU.
  13. To complete the application, give your digital signature, review each section to your satisfaction, and hit submit.

Questions about (or trouble with) the application are common, so please don’t hesitate to contact the ExCEL director (, 424-789-3375) should you need any support in completing these steps. 

Applications are now open and may be submitted any time before the due date, which is January 31, 2021. 

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application soon!