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Current and Future Mentor Teachers

ECP RD - 760x285 ExCEL Mentors

ExCEL seeks to partner each of its members with an experienced teacher, or mentor, who can guide this novice through the challenges of learning how to teach (and how to be a teacher).

Why are mentors so important to the ExCEL program?

  • Mentors are the on-site support providers for each ExCEL teacher, for whom everything is new: the school, the faculty, the students, and the work of teaching
  • Mentors help answer ExCEL teachers’ questions about the myriad day-to-day details involved in Catholic school teaching, questions like: How are my students supposed to line up for Mass? When should my class be practicing for the Christmas program?  And where’s the coffee machine around here???
  • Mentors provide fellowship and company as ExCEL teachers work their way into the community life of a faculty/ staff
  • Mentors provide emotional support for the ExCEL teacher, particularly in stressful times of the year like the first weeks of school, report card time, parent conferences, etc.
  • And perhaps most importantly, mentors provide ExCEL teachers with essential guidance and support in teaching, especially in the particular areas of growth that are common for novice teachers

How does the mentoring work?

ExCEL Timeline Mentors

Why should an experienced teacher consider serving as a mentor for an ExCEL teacher?

  • Serving as a mentor directly improves the teaching and instruction at the school site, which benefits all members of that school community
  • Serving as a mentor provides the mentor teacher with valuable experience in instructional leadership, which may help her/him discern and/or procure a position in school leadership and administration
  • Mentor teachers contribute to the development of the next generation of Catholic schools, which in turn strengthens Catholic schools for future generations of students
  • Mentor teachers are awarded a small ($500) stipend by Santa Clara University for their work with each ExCEL teacher

 What are the expectations for mentor teachers who work with an ExCEL member?

  • Mentors and ExCEL teachers establish a short list of instructional goals toward which the novice will work throughout the school year
  • Mentors informally check in with their ExCEL teacher once a week to provide advice and support in meeting those goals
  • Mentors formally observe their ExCEL teacher once per trimester to evaluate progress toward those goals
  • At the end of the school year, mentors submit a log of check-ins and observations to ExCEL and are compensated for their work with a small ($500) stipend

If you are interested in serving as a mentor teacher for an ExCEL teacher (at your school site or at a different school), please contact the ExCEL director, John Beltramo, at to set up a time to talk more about this opportunity.

Important Documents for Mentors: