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Teacher Education Program

Get what you need to start your teaching career in as little as one year. Our graduates are highly sought-after thanks to the preparation they receive here to ensure all students learn.

The Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential (MATTC) is the first step if you want to become a teacher. Education as a tool for promoting social justice is a hallmark of our program. We focus on preparing teachers to work effectively with all children, including English language learners and those with learning differences.  

What Sets Us Apart

Strong Values

The Jesuit value of "cura personalis" or attention to the whole person informs all our work. The Jesuit mission where ethics, compassion, and social justice informs all our programs.

Social Justice

We are driven by a vision of a world guided by principles of social justice and a concern for the most vulnerable.


We assist students in transforming themselves into agents of change. We challenge you to go farther and deeper.

Diverse Community

We recognize and celebrate the power of an inclusive community that is strengthened by different voices, perspectives and experiences.

Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential (MATTC)

Students earn either a preliminary Multiple Subject (Grades TK-6) or a preliminary Single Subject (Grades 6-12) teaching credential. Spanish-English bilingual students may choose to add a bilingual teaching authorization to their credential.

  • 1 year (full-time) or 2 year (part-time) options
  • Start in Fall, Winter, or Summer
  • Credential in either multiple subjects or single subject offered.
  • Single subject credential available in Biological Science, Chemistry, English, Foundation-Level Mathematics, Foundation-Level General Science, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences, and World Languages: Spanish.
  • Students can advance through their program in one of two formats—either a student teaching format or an internship format.
  • Total tuition for Multiple Subject Teaching Degree is $35,280, for a Single Subject Teaching Degree is $31,500. Tuition assistance and scholarships are available. For those interested in working in low-income communities, scholarships can offer up to a 50% discount on tuition.

Bilingual Authorization Available: The Bilingual Authorization program enables you to teach in Bilingual settings or dual language schools. The program consists of three courses and a required placement.

Bilingual Spanish/English Specialized Programs

Credential candidates who are Spanish-English bilinguals have the opportunity to complete three additional courses and thereby earn a Bilingual Authorization. For more information, please contact Kristy Cross, Director of our B-MATTC program at

SEMILLA Scholars

SEMILLA scholars commit to working at least two years after graduation in schools serving low-income students and to volunteering 30 hours per year of their educational program in Santa Clara University partnered organizations and settings. In exchange, SEMILLA scholars receive a 50% discount on tuition. 

Catholic School Teacher Specialized Programs

Preliminary Credential Program

Catholic School teachers can enroll in the SCU credential program—to earn either a Multiple Subject or Single Subject credential. These Catholic School teachers typically complete all their credential requirements through a part-time enrollment over two or three years. Those employed in Catholic settings receive a 25% scholarship as part of our commitment to supporting Catholic education.

Abbreviated Preliminary Credential Program

Newly-hired Catholic School teachers may have already completed some teaching credential coursework prior to accepting a teaching position in the Diocese of San Jose. To meet the needs of the newly hired Catholic school teachers, we offer in-house transcript reviews and other types of assistance. Those employed in Catholic settings receive a 25% scholarship as part of our commitment to supporting Catholic education.


The Excellence in Catholic Education and Leadership Program (ExCEL) is special program for new teachers who wish to begin a career in Catholic schools in the Bay Area. ExCEL students are placed as teachers in local Catholic schools and live in community. Housing is provided free of cost, and students are paid as beginning teachers in this innovative two-year program. After completing two years, students receive an MA in Teaching and after 3 years in the classroom, they are eligible for a California preliminary teaching credential. The ExCEL program begins each June and has an admissions deadline in the late winter. Please email John Beltramo, Director of Catholic Education Partnerships (, to indicate your interest in the ExCEL Program or call 408-551-3525.


Pull quote illustration

"SCU School of Education is so welcoming! All of the professors and staff are very helpful and try their best to make sure every student is successful inside and outside of the classroom. Growing up down the street from SCU I have always dreamed of going to school at this great institute. Being apart of the SCU family, it has opened up great doors in careers, knowledge, and lifelong friendships."

Taylor Tompkins, ’17, Education


Application Fee    $50
2018 - 2019 Tuition, per quarter unit    $630
2019 - 2020 Tuition, per quarter unit    $654
Graduate Student Associate Fee (per quarter)    $40
Late registration Fee    $100
Course Drop/Swap Fee (per course)    $50
Late Payment Fee    $100
Annual Student Health Insurance (Health Insurance Waiver is available)    $2,968

Scholarships and Financial Aid

In addition to Federal Student Aid, we also offer a number of scholarships and aid opportunities depending on your program and potential career path.

If you have questions about the application process, please feel free to contact the Graduate Admissions Office or call us at 408-551-3422.

Financial Aid and Scholarships Information

Following is the curriculum for the Multiple Subject and Single Subject programs.

Multiple Subject Program (56 units)

  • Reflection, Ethics, Diversity, and the Self: Intro to TK-12 Teaching (EDUC 250)
  • Technology for Teachers (EDUC 251)
  • Development and Learning TK-12 (EDUC 253)
  • Effective Teaching for Students with Disabilities (EDUC 221M)
  • English Language Development TK-12 (EDUC 257)
  • Social Foundations of Education (EDUC 252)
  • Elementary Classroom Management (EDUC 258)
  • Elementary Mathematics Methods 1 and 2 EDUC 259A and EDUC 259B)
  • Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools (EDUC 361)
  • Assessing Elementary Student Learning (EDUC 265)
  • Teaching Language Arts in Elementary Schools (EDUC 262)
  • Elementary Methods for Social Studies and Visual Performing Arts (EDUC 263)
  • Elementary Methods for Science, Health, and Physical Education (EDUC 264)
  • Ethical Reflective Practicum A, B, C, D (EDUC 231A ,EDUC 231B, EDUC 231C, EDUC 231D)

Single Subject Program (50 units)

  • Reflection, Ethics, Diversity, and the Self: Intro to TK-12 Teaching (EDUC 275)
  • Technology for TK-12 Teachers (EDUC 276)
  • Development and Learning TK-12 (EDUC 278)
  • Effective Teaching for Students with Disabilities (EDUC 221M)
  • English Language Development TK-12 (EDUC 282)
  • Social Foundations of Education (EDUC 277)
  • Secondary Classroom Management (EDUC 283)
  • Assessing Secondary Student Learning (EDUC 296)
  • Adolescent Literacy Development 1 and 2 (EDUC 294A, EDUC 294B)
  • Ethical Reflective Practicum A, B, C, D (EDUC 230A, EDUC 230BEDUC 230C, EDUC 230D)
  • Content Method Courses: All Single Subject candidates complete in-depth study of the instructional methods used in their chosen academic content area.