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Teacher Education Program

Master of Arts in Teaching - Teaching Credential (MATTC)

Designed for prospective public and private elementary and middle school teachers (grades PK-8) or prospective public and private middle and high school teachers (Grades 6-12).

    • Bilingual Authorization

      The Bilingual Authorization program consists of three courses and a required placement and is for current Master of Arts in Teacher Education - Teaching Credential (MATTC) candidate and for existing teachers throughout the Santa Clara County.    

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    • SEMILLA Teacher Fellowship 

      The SEMILLA Teacher Fellowship provides assistance to students pursuing Master of Arts in Teaching with Teaching Credential (MATTC) program who:

      • Agree to successfully complete a minimum of 18 units at the East San Jose campus (courses to be determined).
      • Agree to provide community service at the East San Jose campus during the time of enrollment in MATTC. Map
      • Agree to successfully complete the MATTC program and be awarded a teaching credential from the State of California.
      • Agree to teach for two years post-degree/post-preliminary credential in a High-Need School that is predominantly comprised of an underserved Latina/o student population within four years of completing the MATTC program.


    • ExCEL (Excellence in Catholic Education and Leadership)

      The Excellence in Catholic Education and Leadership (ExCEL) Program is a three-year program that begins in June. Each ExCEL teacher is assigned a Mentor Teacher and an Instructional Coach while teaching in their own K – 12th grade classroom in the Diocese of San Jose. Upon completion of all certification requirements, ExCEL teachers will be eligible for a California Multiple Subjects or Single Subject Teaching Credential while having earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Santa Clara University’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology.

    • Preliminary Credential for Catholic School Teachers

      Designed for full-time Catholic school teachers credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing who would like to earn their preliminary and Clear Teaching Credential as well as a master of arts in teaching degree.
  • Abbreviated Preliminary for Catholic and Private School Teachers

    This program offers an abbreviated route for veteran Catholic and private school teachers (6 years or more of experience) to obtain a recommendation for their multiple subject or single subject preliminary teaching credential.