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Preliminary Teaching Program

For Catholic School Teachers

Units: 43 quarter units without Clear Credential; 63 quarter units with the Clear Credential
Program Length: 4-5 years; part-time
Start Dates: Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer
Instructional Method: On campus and online (Clear credential only)

CatMAT is a comprehensive professional development experience that enables full-time Catholic school teachers of academic subjects credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to earn their preliminary and clear teaching credentials and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree in approximately 4 years.

The CatMAT block comprises two phases: the preliminary teaching credential phase and the clear teaching credential phase. Eligible students earn their MAT degree only after successful completion of both phases of the CatMAT block.

Preliminary Teaching Credential Phase: In this phase, CatMAT students are separated into two groups based on the credential they are seeking: CatMAT-MSstudents complete the courses required to earn a preliminary multiple subject credential and CatMAT-SS students complete the coursework required to earn a preliminary single subject credential. This phase of CatMAT involves the completion of 43 units of university coursework designed to support the development of candidates’ teaching practices. In lieu of a student teaching experience, candidates must complete three years of full-time teaching (defined as 75% of the day for 75% of the year) in the subject area(s) authorized by the preliminary credential they are seeking.  Typically this phase requires at least two years to complete and includes one evening class each fall, winter, and spring quarters as well as summer coursework.

Clear Teaching Credential Phase: The clear credential phase of the CatMAT block is a 12-unit, 4-quarter sequence of courses completed in a single calendar year. The phase always begins in fall quarter and ends the following summer quarter. CatMAT students take one course each quarter and move through this phase of the block as a cohort. The coursework in the clear credential phase of the CatMAT block focuses tightly on the integration of theory and practice in K-12 classrooms.  

  • CatMAT students may exit the program at the completion of the preliminary teaching credential phase and go elsewhere to earn the clear credential. These students would forfeit eligibility to earn a MAT degree.
  • A CatMAT student may take a break in between the preliminary teaching credential phase and the clear credential phase of the program. In this case, the student is responsible for completing the necessary paperwork and re-enrolling in CatMAT at a time that would allow for completion of the clear credential phase before the expiration of the preliminary credential. If this student were to complete both phases successfully, the MAT would be awarded.
  • A Catholic school teacher who earned the preliminary credential elsewhere is permitted to enter CatMAT to complete only the clear credential phase (see the General Education Clear program for more information). This student would not be eligible to earn an MAT degree.