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Academy of Blended Learning


 The Academy of Blended Learning (ABL) is offered in cooperation with the Diocese of San Jose to the seven K-8 Catholic schools that form the Drexel School Network. The two year program trains teachers in leading blended learning concepts, and how to expertly leverage technology and data analysis to create a strong and sustainable blended learning environment.

 To learn more about the program, please contact Christopher Wemp at or 408-551-1933

Program History

In 2013, SCU opened its Academy of Blended Learning, with the vision of helping Catholic K­-8 schools in the San Jose Diocese dramatically rethink how learning happens in and outside of the classroom. In tandem with developing the Academy, SCU partnered with the Diocese of San Jose to not only carry out a blended learning implementation plan, but to create an inventive system of support unlike anything Catholic school systems have seen before: the St. Katharine Drexel Initiative.

The St. Katharine Drexel Initiative is a collection of seven "Drexel" K­-8 Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Jose. In 2013, 103 of their teachers (and all new hires in following years) participated in SCU's Academy of Blended Learning, in which they regularly met to learn different models of blended learning and familiarize themselves with technology skills and theories needed to successfully use devices and adaptive software in the classroom. Now, teachers regularly meet across subject areas and schools to collaborate on topics unique to the subjects they teach, all while continuing to evaluate how their blended learning classroom models can best allow for some degree of student pace, place, and path of learning.