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Coaching For Life Academy

Academy Leaders

Danielle Slaton

Director of the Coaching for Life Academy

“My personal mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. My goal in life is to help you reach yours. There are learnable skills that can help us achieve success, no matter which sport, direction, or career path we choose. Teaching people those skills is what I’m all about.”


Danielle’s Quick-view Accomplishments

  • 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist and 2003 Bronze in Women’s World Cup
  • 2001 NCAA Champion and Scholar Athlete of the Year at Santa Clara University
  • Former member of U.S. Soccer Federation’s Board of Directors and Athlete Council
  • Sport for development envoy for U.S. State Department & U.S. Soccer
  • Master of Arts Degree in Sports Administration
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