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Violent Intruder


  • Watch SCU’s active shooter training video: Active Shooter Awareness

  • Identify multiple escape routes from your normal places of work or study.

  • Identify locations in which you can hide if necessary. Look for places with locking doors and window blinds or covers.

  • Understand the plans for individuals with disabilities or other needs.


If a violent intruder alert has been issued, use the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Get Out – leave your belongings behind, have an escape route and plan in mind, and keep your hands visible to law enforcement.

  • Hide Out – hide out of sight from the assailant and block entry and sight into your hiding place.

  • Take Out – As a last resort, attempt to incapacitate the assailant by acting with physical aggression or throwing items.

  • Call or text 911 only when it is safe for you to do so.


  • Follow the instructions of law enforcement officers when leaving the area. Keep your hands visible and remain calm.

  • Aid the wounded only if it is safe for you to do so and you are able to help.

  • Understand that affected areas may be a crime scene and access to retrieve personal belongings or to resume normal operations may be severely limited.

  • Seek out professional counseling services if needed. For students, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offer crisis counseling. For faculty and staff, the employee assistance (EAP) offers similar services.

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