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Emergency Operations Plan

The EOP addresses the coordinated response to, the management of, and recovery from, extraordinary emergency situations associated with natural disasters, technological incidents and security emergencies affecting the University. 

This plan accomplishes the following:

  • Establishes the emergency management organization required to mitigate a significant emergency or disaster affecting Santa Clara University.
  • Identifies the policies, responsibilities and procedures required to protect health and safety, University property, and mitigate the environmental effects of natural, technological or human-caused emergencies and disasters.
  • Establishes the operational concepts and procedures for the coordination of field response with Santa Clara University‚Äôs Emergency Operations Group activities.

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Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

  • The SCU Emergency Operations Center is specifically designated centralized facility where officials meet face to face to coordinate a jurisdiction's overall disaster response and recovery effots in support of field operations.
  • The basic EOC organizational structure consist of five Sections (functions) which normally would be activated for a major incident:  Management, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance.
  • During a regional disaster, the campus EOC communicates with the City of Santa Clara EOC for resource needs outside of the capabilities of the campus.  The campus EOC also provides updates to the University Policy Group and the President.  The EOC may coordinate mutual aid with the City of Santa Clara or schools in the immediate area.