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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

EDVenture Lab

Hosting and incubating student and faculty real-world engineering projects focused on providing real products and services to real customers.

Convergence happens here in the EDVenture Lab. Between engineering and design. Between peers from engineering, business, law, and the arts. Between SCU and industry partners. And between possibility and reality.

Whether it is a commercial startup, a corporate intrapreneurial initiative, or a social enterprise, the EDVenture Lab cultivates selected student and faculty projects by providing space and support to create viable prototypes, validate customers, refine concepts and features, explore business models, develop funding proposals, and more.

The Lab also engages fellow engineering, business, and law students in these projects—providing additional brainpower to the fledgling enterprise while expanding our students’ education through involvement with real-world engineering initiatives from the ground up.

Located in Guadalupe Hall just steps away from the expanded Maker Lab and the Frugal Innovation Hub, the EDVenture Lab fosters innovation and entrepreneurship through educational programming and partnerships with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), the Entrepreneur’s Law Clinic (ELC), and the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Learn more about the School of Engineering’s EDVenture Lab and our Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking Program.

Intrapreneurial • adj. • [in-truh-pruh-nur-ee-ahl]
Applying entrepreneurial behaviors (innovative out-of-the-box thinking, leadership, determination, risk-taking) within a large company to turn ideas into profitable products, services, or methods of operation within the firm.


  • Plays Well With Others

    Assistant Professor Prashanth Asuri is not only equipping SCU students to enjoy successful careers in bioengineering and biomedical science, he’s also inspiring high school students to consider these paths through his new enterprise, SE3D Education.

    • Alumnus Seeks to Feed the World

      Bringing fresh, delicious, nutritious food to the 1.1 billion malnourished people in the world is the mission of Sam Bertram ’16, M.S. ’18. The technical and entrepreneurial skills he developed at SCU are helping him turn his vision to reality.

      Contact Us

      Director: Dr. Christopher Kitts

      Santa Clara University
      School of Engineering
      500 El Camino Real
      Santa Clara, CA 95053

      Guadalupe Hall, Bldg. 455, 3rd Floor

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      The EDVenture Lab is supported through KEEN, a collaborative network of colleges and professors championing the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering undergraduate students.