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Eric Chan

Eric Chan is a Principal in Program Management at Product Realization Group. For over two decades, he has been building and managing medical device development teams that emphasize fast-paced product development cycles, ensuring delivery of clinically effective and market-focused products that are compliant with all relevant regulatory standards. Eric has developed, managed, and successfully launched complex electromedical products into the marketplace, examples of which are: 7 cardiac ambulatory/portable devices and sophisticated electrocardiographic and cardiac EP mapping systems; 8 cardiac software diagnostic software products; 5 cardiac EP ablation catheters; 3 Multi-Channel RF Energy Controllers; Surgical Ablation System with Irrigation and Suction-Stabilized Ablation Probes. His special interest areas are: radiofrequency generators and systems for tissue ablation; catheters/surgical hand-pieces; clinical trial design/logistics; competitive technology analysis; Cardiac Electrophysiology; DSP & image processing; algorithms for arrhythmia analysis/detection; digital health solutions; telemetry and mHealth; M2M and IoT applications in hospital equipment and medical devices; wireless battery charging; IP portfolio management; product development; risk analysis; software engineering; strategic systems development, verification and validation; project & program management.

In addition to his service on the SCU Bioengineering Advisory Board, Eric also serves as a Mentor on SVBIG (Silicon Valley Boilermaker Innovation Group), which comprises invited Silicon Valley Purdue Alumni who support the creation of new technology ventures within the Purdue University community through mentorship, and secondarily through influencing university entrepreneurship programs and policies.

Eric has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and BSEE from Purdue University.He is a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology and a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society.