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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Bioengineering Program provides input on academics, research, administration, outreach, advocacy, and development. The Board reviews the undergraduate curriculum and degree programs, program educational objectives, and program outcomes, and offers suggestions for change to keep them current. The Board evaluates the quality and scope of our research, its relationship to our programs, its relevancy and helps guide future directions. The Board recommends ways to build new relationships with industry and to strengthen those we have. The current members of the Advisory Board are:

  • bioengineering advisory board member

    Eric Chan

    Ph.D., Principal, Program Management, Product Realization Group

  • bioengineering advisory board member

    James P. Collman

    Ph.D., George A. and Hilda M. Daubert Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University

  • bioengineering advisory board member

    Thane Kreiner

    Executive Director Howard and Alida Charney, University Professor of Science and Technology for Social Benefit

  • bioengineering advisory board member

    James A. Spudich

    Ph.D., Douglass M. & Nola Leishman Prof. of Cardiovascular Disease, Department of Biochemistry & Dept. of Developmental Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine