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Department ofComputer Science and Engineering

Multimedia Compression Lab (Image and Video Coding)

The Multimedia Lab was founded by Dr. Nam Ling and is dedicated to the research of image and video coding.

The lab team currently consists of 3 faculty members, 5 visiting scholars, 7 Ph.D. students, 1 M.S. student, and 2 participating students. The team meets every Thursday at 12:15 p.m. to present and discuss research. The lab is equipped with fast multi-core workstations and GPUs, as well as various software. It is also equipped with cameras and displays. We collaborate with 5 universities and 1 company.


Guadalaupe Hall

Room 311, 455 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California, U.S.A

Current Projects

  • —Contributions to the Future JEM (“H.266”) Video Coding Standards
  • —Intra Predictions and Partitioning
  • —Sparse Coding
  • —3D Video Coding
  • —Applying Machine Learning to Image & Video Coding
  • Best Practices Lead to Best Paper

    Manav Jaiswal grew up in India experiencing intermittent electricity availability. At SCU as a graduate student, he created an inexpensive, efficient energy-saving home automation system, and his research also netted him a “Best Paper” award at a prestigious conference.

    Contact Us

    Chair: Nam Ling
    Administrative Assistant: Pam Lin

    Computer Science and Engineering
    Santa Clara University
    500 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95053

    Heafey-Bergin, Bldg. 202