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Department ofEngineering Management & Leadership

Academic Programs

Engineering Management and Leadership B.S./M.S. Five-Year Program

The School of Engineering offers qualified Santa Clara University undergraduates the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science degree in their technical discipline and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management and Leadership in five years. This is an excellent path to continue your technical education while learning the essential skills required to manage high-tech projects and people. It is an excellent way to save time and open up more career possibilities early on. The degree program is open to students in bioengineering, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

The application fee and GRE General Test Requirement are waived for students completing their undergraduate BS degree in the technical disciplines listed above and have a minimum GPA 3.0 in their technical major. Students are required to apply no later than the end of the fall quarter of their senior year. Upon notification and acceptance into the Engineering Management and Leadership Five Year Program, students may begin taking graduate level courses in the fall quarter of their senior year. The maximum number of graduate units allowed as an undergraduate in this program is 20.

Students in this program will receive a BS degree after satisfying the standard degree requirements. Students will then be matriculated to the Engineering Management and Leadership program and must then fulfill all requirements for the MS degree.

Master of Science Program

The Engineering Management and Leadership Program is specifically designed for those engineers or computer scientists who wish to reach their career goals by expanding their business acumen while also advancing their technical knowledge. Unlike an MBA, the Master of Science Program in Engineering Management and Leadership couples technical proficiency with business comprehension, providing the optimum skill set for a wide variety of management positions from technical product manager to chief technology officer. This is a program for professionals who must balance technical capability and business understanding in the development of products and processes that have a high technological content. Our program is for those professionals who want to be valued contributors in both technical and business arenas, and who wish to sustain their technical vitality while advancing their careers.

Admission To The Program

Admission to the Engineering Management and Leadership Program is open only to those who hold an undergraduate degree or graduate degree in engineering or computer science. The undergraduate program must be from a four-year accredited engineering program substantially equivalent to Santa Clara's. Work experience is preferred, but not required.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 45 quarter units are required for the master's degree. For the Engineering Management and Leadership degree, 20 units must be completed in engineering management courses, 19 units in technical courses and 6 units in The SCU Graduate Core. Technical courses include courses in civil, computer, electrical, or mechanical engineering; or applied mathematics; or a combination of all these. Please refer to the current Graduate Bulletin for more information relating to technical courses applicable to this degree.

A maximum of 9 quarter units (6 semester units) of graduate level courses may be transferred from other accredited institutions at the discretion of the student's advisor provided they have not been applied to a previous degree. However, in no case will the minimum units taken in the Department of Engineering Management and Leadership be fewer than 16. Extension classes, continuing education classes, professional development courses, or classes from international universities are not accepted for transfer credit.

Engineering Management and Leadership candidates must submit a Program of Studies to the chair of the Engineering Management and Leadership Department during the first term of enrollment to ensure that all courses undertaken are applicable to the degree.

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