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Department ofMechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Congratulations to Class of 2021!

We are so proud of your accomplishment, and wish you all the best in the years to come! We have also celebrated the achievements of some graduating MECH seniors at the the 2021 Engineering Senior Awards and Honors Convocation.

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Class of 2021, Graduate M.S. Class of 2021, and Graduate Ph.D. class of 2021! With drive and determination, you overcame innumerable obstacles to finish your degree. We are so proud of your accomplishment. Your Santa Clara education, with its focus on introspection, ingenuity, and ethical discernment, will serve you well in the years ahead. Best wishes for a lifetime of health, happiness, and success!

We have also celebrated the achievements of some graduating MECH seniors at the the 2021 Engineering Senior Awards and Honors Convocation:

Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Senior Award
Recipient: Connor Pearson (MECH)
This award is conferred to a senior by the faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Department based on excellent academic standing, contribution to the department and school, and quality senior design project. In addition to demonstrating academic excellence through coursework, Connor Pearson has pursued engineering research as a student scholar at SCU, with outcomes published as a peer-reviewed journal paper. He has also contributed to the department, school, and the university as an Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador. Connor's senior design project "Frugal Urban Greenhouse" with fellow MECH students Alexandra Rivera and Emma Rosicky has also won the best of the Mechanical Engineering Session 1 (tie) at the Senior Design Conference. Congratulations, Connor Pearson!

School of Engineering Humanities Award
Recipients: Nicholas Ellis (MECH), Brian Woo-Shem (MECH)
This award is conferred each year on an engineering student who has been nominated by members of the humanities faculty and selected by the School of Engineering for outstanding work in the humanities while maintaining a strong record in engineering. Nicholas Ellis began taking Honors history classes in his first year at SCU and will graduate with a minor in the field. Known among faculty as “a fabulous history student,” his excellence in historical thinking and writing is exemplified by his ability to publish in SCU’s National History Honor Society’s undergraduate research journal, the award-winning Phi Alpha Theta. In fact, he has published not once, but twice in this highly competitive journal; a rare feat for a student minoring in the field. Religious Studies faculty call Brian Woo-Shem’s ability to move fluidly between Engineering and the Humanities astonishing.  He understands difficult theorists from anthropology and sociology and applies their theories to religious reactions to the COVID-19 global emergency. In class and on his own time, his clear and concise explanations help other students grasp challenging concepts. A proficient artist, Brian also draws comics and has a website that fellow students have found uplifting during the pandemic. An exceptional student and human being, Brian models the possibilities of a bridge between engineering, science, and the humanities.

James W. Reites, S.J., Award
Recipients: Olivia Figueira (COEN), Robert Percell (MECH)
This is the 12th year we are conferring this award in honor of one of our most cherished teammates, the late Fr. Jim “Papa” Reites. This award recognizes an outstanding senior engineering student whose selfless team spirit, strong work ethic, love for learning, relentless can-do spirit and commitment to the service of others make them the heart and soul of any project in which they are involved. As a member of the Robotic Systems Laboratory’s NASA satellite mission control team for the past 3 years, Robert Percell has been an active participant and valuable contributor to a variety of projects. Additionally, he was an exceptional team leader for his interdisciplinary senior design project, keeping his 6 fellow teammates motivated, coordinated and moving along on schedule with polite, responsive and determined leadership. Robert has an unbridled enthusiasm for hands-on work, for being a part of a team, and for being a friend and colleague to others. Beyond being a stellar contributor, a gifted engineer, and a responsible project manager, he truly exemplifies Reites-like qualities as an enthusiastic motivator, a relentless cheerleader, a trusted counselor and peer mentor.

Brian Drocco Engineering Award
Recipients: Ben Mahoney (MECH) and Danny Mendoza (ELEN)
This award is presented to a graduating engineering senior who applies an entrepreneurial mindset, innovative problem-solving capability, and enthusiasm for perseverance despite obstacles to the advancement of green energy and sustainability.  Established in 2014, the award honors the memory of Brian Drocco, class of 2008, whose indomitable spirit continues to inspire. As an active member of the Engineers Without Borders Engineering Team and the club’s president for 2 years, Benjamin Mahony challenged his team to think out of the box, integrate human-centered design thinking and question the status-quo in finding innovative solutions for the pressing problems of our community in Rwanda. As a leader, Ben was always cognizant that his actions would make an impact on his peers and the students who looked up to him, and he would strive to ensure that impact was positive. His legacy is seen in the incoming student EWB leaders who aspire to continue his detailed and innovative ways in their problem-solving approaches as they develop a solar-powered water distribution and filtration system.

Senior Design Conference Session Winners 
Mechanical Engineering Session 1 - Tie:
"Frugal Urban Greenhouse"
MECH Students: Connor Pearson, Alexandra Rivera, Emma Rosicky

Advisor: Godrey Mungal

"Portable Bicycle-Powered Refrigeration"
MECH Students: David Gilbert, Zach Gotvald, Kerri-Ann Kamei, Lindsay McConville, Brooke Watson, Brian Woo-Shem
Advisor: Hohyun Lee

Mechanical Engineering Session 2:
"Elastic Tail Propulsion at Low Re"
MECH Students: Rafaela Barros-Barreto, Jennifer Miranti, Yoel Park, Elijah Vidal
Advisor: On Shun Pak

Interdisciplinary Session 1:
"Modular Oceanic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for Novel Actuation (MOANA)"
MECH Students: John Elstad, Sean Even, Bryan Gilbertson, Matthew Holmes, Robert Percell
COEN Students: Andrew Kambe, Gregor Limstrom
Advisors: Christopher Kitts, Godfrey Mungal

Pi Tau Sigma Class of 2021
Pi Tau Sigma is the national mechanical engineering honor society whose objectives are to foster high ideals in the engineering profession, stimulate and support departmental activities, promote professional welfare, and develop leadership and citizenship. Members are selected from the top 25% of the junior class and top 33% of the senior class in the department of mechanical engineering. It members include:
Sam Broyles, Nicky Castillo, Bryan Gilbertson, Kerri-Ann Kamei, Stratos Koutroulis, Thomas Morey, Connor Pearson, Alexandra Cecilia Rivera, Nick Rogers, Emma Rosicky, Hailee Loraine Silva, Caroline Stephens


[9/21] Intership opportunities
  • Internship opportunities at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL):
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[7/21] Open lecturer positions AY21-22
[7/21] Internship opportunities
[6/21] New course offerings in Fall 21

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