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Junior Convocation Presentations (2020)

Session Recording:
A full recording of the general presentations from the event can be accessed here. Please see the times specified below to view specific presentation slides and materials. 

General Presentations:
Please see the list below for topics covered, their timing in the video recording and their presenter. Presentation slides and resource material can be viewed in the recorded presentation above. If you have any questions about a specific topic covered, please contact the speaker listed below:

  • Convocation Welcome - Dean Elaine Scott (00:07:35)
  • Licensing for Engineers - Dr. Tonya Nilsson (00:10:04)
  • Job/Internship Search Strategies for Seniors - Amy Peterson (00:16:45)
  • Graduate School Options for Engineers - Dr. Silvia Figueira (00:30:55)
  • Hackworth Fellowships and Ethics Prizes - David DeCosse (00:41:20)
  • Important Dates & Deadlines, ENGL 181, Graduation Requirements & Financial Aid, Senior Design Conference, Senior Design Session Chairs, Senior Design Funding – Dr. Ruth Davis (00:48:04)
  • Beginning Your Research for Senior Design – Susan Boyd (00:54:07)
  • Senior Design Safety Requirements – Sean Collins (01:03:15)
  • University Intellectual Property Policy – Esther Pham (01:09:17)
  • Frugal Innovation for Emerging Markets & Project Travel Requirements – Allan Baez Morales & Ricardo Padilla, Jr. (01:14:06)
  • Interdisciplinary Projects – Chris Kitts (01:24:55)

Additional Presentation Resources:

Department Break-outs:
Please check with the department presenter for any information that was covered at the session.

- Dr. Prashanth Asuri
CENG - Dr. Ed Maurer
CSEN - Dr. Silvia Figueira
ECEN - Dr. Shoba Krishnan
ENGR - Dr. Jessica Kuczenski
MECH - Dr. Drazen Fabris