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Digital Sign Policy

The School of Engineering's digital signs will be used to communicate events and information that pertain to the SoE students, faculty, and staff. The Dean's Office may accept non-engineering-related digital signs at their discretion if the information is relevant to the School. Display priority will be given to those submitted from within the School of Engineering.
All digital signs must be of high-resolution quality, have 1" borders, and text must be kept to a minimum. Digital signs on School of Engineering monitors will run for a maximum of 7 seconds each.
All on-campus events must include the following ADA statement with name and email or phone number to contact at least 72 hours prior to the event:
"In compliance with the ADA/504, please direct your accommodation requests to [NAME] at [EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE]."
All ADA statements must be in 30 pt. font or larger.
The School of Engineering reserves the right to edit text and/or design of slides to comply with University and School standards.

Design Guidelines:

  • Signage must be 1920 px X 1080 px at 72 dpi (26.667" x 15" when using PowerPoint or Word)
  • Signage must be in a horizontal format
  • Static signage must be saved as .jpg or .pdf (Please also submit an editable version.)
  • Movie signage must be saved as .mp4 or .mpg

Other Design Tips:

  • Keep your design simple
  • Limit the amount of fonts to less than 3
  • High contrast makes for easier reading
  • Whitespace is your friend; Do not overcrowd your design

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit all requests no later than 48 hours before campaign is slated to run
  • Campaigns will run for a maximum of 14 days
  • If you need your sign posted only in the School of Engineering, submissions should be made by emailing Nicole Morales
  • If you need your sign posted throughout campus, submissions should be made through the University's Digital Sign Upload Form

Do you need an engineering-related digital sign designed for you? If so, please submit your design request here. Requests should be made with a 1-week lead-time.

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