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Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Student Profiles

Leading the way.

Through Ph.D. programs in computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, our scholars are at the cutting edge of their fields. Meet some of our featured doctorate students.

Computer Engineering

  • Quoc Le

    Quoc Le

    Dissertation: Shingled Write Disks for Mass Storage Systems
    Advisor: JoAnne Holliday
    Graduation Year: expected 2017

  • Chenjun Ling

    Chenjun Ling

    Dissertation: Personalized Multilingual Information Access
    Advisor: Ben Steichen
    Graduation Year: 2020

Electrical Engineering

  • Anshul Vyas

    Anshul Vyas

    Dissertation: Carbon Nanotube Vias for End-of-Roadmap Technology Nodes
     Cary Yang
    Graduation Year: 2016

Mechanical Engineering

  • Jasmine Cashbaugh

    Jasmine Cashbaugh

    Dissertation: Cluster Control of a Multi-Robot Tracking Network and Tracking Geometry Optimization
    Advisor: Christopher Kitts
    Graduation Year: 2016

  • Lilit Mazmanyan

    Lilit Mazmanyan

    Dissertation: Dynamics and LMI-Based Fuzzy Attitude Control of Spacecraft with Partially-Filled Fuel Tanks
    Advisor: Mohammad A. Ayoubi
    Graduation Year: expected 2017

  • Chokri Sendi

    Chokri Sendi

    Dissertation: Fuzzy Control of Flexible Multibody Spacecraft: A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach
    Advisor: Mohammad A. Ayoubi
    Graduation Year: 2016

  • John T. Shepard

    John T. Shepard

    Dissertation: A Framework for Collaborative Multi-Task, Multi-Robot Missions
    Advisor: Christopher Kitts
    Graduation Year: 2016

  • Chenli Wang

    Chenli Wang

    Dissertation: Building Energy System
    Advisor: Hohyun Lee
    Graduation Year: expected 2019

  • Fritz Huizenga

    Fritz Huizenga

    Dissertation: Collaborative Multi-Robot Construction
    Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kitts
    Graduation Year: expected 2019