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Healthcare Innovation Fellows Program

Program Description

The Healthcare Innovation Fellows Program supports undergraduate students interested in developing technical, design thinking and entrepreneurial skills to address complex challenges in healthcare. The program provides students with mentored experiences in healthcare innovation through a combination of curricular and co-/extracurricular activities, focused project work, and other appropriate professional development and networking opportunities. The program draws on the many facets of the current curriculum and co-/extra-curricular activities established in the School of Engineering through its Innovation and Entrepreneurship offerings, as well as the network of industry partners and external mentors curated by the BioInnovation and Design Lab. 

Essential Program Elements

HIFP student fellows must satisfy the following three required program elements:

  1. Foundational coursework that introduces students to health care and medical device technology innovation for advanced and emerging markets. 
  2. Experiential activity relevant to healthcare innovation under the guidance of an industry or academic mentor and approved by the program director.
  3. One or more co-/extracurricular activities such as design challenges, workshops, seminars, mini-courses, etc., approved in advance by the program director.

Student Recruitment

The HIFP program is designed to support to all SCU students in good academic standing, who are excited about addressing complex challenges across the healthcare system. Student fellows will be selected based on an application that will include a brief resume, one-page personal essay on their motivation to participate in the program, and at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor that addresses their strengths, talents, and motivation.

Upon selection, the student fellows will consult with the program director to develop a schedule that outlines how they will fulfill each of the program elements (this plan is subject to change as the student works through the different components). 

HIFP fellows will be provided a stipend support of $5000, and additional funding may be available for related expenses (e.g. local/online workshop registration, travel to attend local seminars). HIFP is designed as a two-year program, but for motivated individuals, additional year(s) of support for project work or mentorship may be arranged. Likewise, fellows may also be selected for a shorter period of time under the discretion of the program director. 

Contact Us

Director: Dr. Prashanth Asuri

Santa Clara University
School of Engineering
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

900 Lafayette St.