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Dr. Panthea Sepehrband’s research is mainly focused on development of new generation of materials with specific properties through a synergy of multi-scale computational modeling and experimental analysis.










Examples of projects in this lab:


Students: Maureen O’Neill, Aaron Wagner

Advisor: Panthea Sepehrband

Ugandan social enterprise AEST makes and sells agricultural waste charcoal briquettes. The extrusion auger used wore down quickly, hampering production. The team worked to find a better material or heat-treatment process to improve the auger through the use of a custom built pin-on-disk testing apparatus and electron microscopy.

Students: Logan Costa-Smith, Ian Maltzer, James Martino

Advisor: Timothy Hight and Panthea Spehrband

We are using recycled water bottles to create polyethylene terephthalate (PET) pellets. These pellets are to be utilized for a past Senior Design Project called the AKAbot, which will turn them into usable 3D printing filament.

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