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Thermal Energy Solutions Lab

Welcome to the Thermal Solutions Lab!


Dr. Hohyun Lee's clean cookstove project.

Thermal Energy Solutions Lab explores energy and water issues in emerging markets. We utilize available resources in the area to provide an economically viable solution on refrigerators, vaccine carriers, efficient cookstoves, battery charging stations, solar hatchery heating systems, water distillation, and more!

Dr. Hohyun Lee is the lead of the Thermal Solutions Lab. He is interested in heat transfer mechanisms in nanoscale, and therefore engineering thermal properties of nanomaterials for the purpose of energy harvest.

Examples of projects in this lab:

Students: Christine Horman, Matt Lee, Mark Wagner

Advisor: Hohyun Lee

We are developing a cookstove optimized for Nicaraguan communities and cuisine, which will generate power using thermoelectric generators that will increase the fuel efficiency by providing better air circulation during fuel burn. To meet the needs of food vendors, our stove will have the capability to boil, fry, and grill.

Students: Paul Novisoff, Arturo Nunez Perez, Ryne Sitar

Advisor: Hohyun Lee

This project provides a way to safely transport vaccines for an extended range in a mobile form utilizing thermoelectric modules. The device uses an active cooling system rather than passive, allowing the container to be opened and closed while maintaining a specified temperature range for the payload.

Students: Sebastian Brisbois, Patrick Crane, Daniel Lee, Kaci McCartan, Connor O’Brien

Advisor: Hohyun Lee

The project is a portable backpack cooler using thermoelectric modules to cool the chamber in order to provide a refrigeration system for off-grid communities. The cooler will be powered using a battery that will be charged using solar panels installed in the home.