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Other Humanitarian Projects

Check out some of the 2017 Senior Design humanitarian projects:

Won the Best of Session, Senior Design Competition School of Engineering

Students: Kyle Perricone and Mary Reynolds

Advisor: Unyoung (Ashley) Kim

Our electrochemical solution utilizes a three-electrode system with modified carbon-ink electrodes printed onto a disposable substrate to determine trace amounts of arsenic in water. We intend this device to meet the World Health Organization's (WHO's) ASSURED criteria for third-world diagnostic devices.

Students: Matthew Condino, Andrew Drape, Evan Eberheart, Cooper McDonnell, Brayton McKnight, Isaac McQuillen, James Olwell, Laura Tschudy

Advisors: Christopher Kitts and Michael Taylor

We have designed a small satellite (CubeSat) to provide communications services to areas suffering from natural disasters, utilizing a semi-passive gravity gradient attitude control system.

Students: Alexander Mayorkis Christian Jason Wintery

Advisors: Timothy Healy and Constant Bossou, S.J.

We are designing a solar microgrid for a selected village in Togo, Africa, called Danyi Mempassem. We identified the primary needs and desires of the villagers to be lights, cell phone chargers, and television. We are designing a system that will best provide them with electricity for their needs.

Students: William Gebb and Emily Gray-Gribble

Advisors: Matthew Lee and Thai Ha Sloan

The objective of this project is to build a clean-burning cookstove for rural Nicaraguans. The purpose for building this stove is to help reduce respiratory illness caused from cooking with biomass. Our stove utilizes gasification to burn off harmful emissions, reducing negative environmental impact caused by burning wood.

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