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Class of 2024

2024 Senior Awards

Join us to celebrate our 2024 Senior Awards and Honors Convocation!

We will be coming to you live June 14 at 12:30 p.m. PDT.

The School of Engineering hosts three national honor societies and a number of prestigious programs fostering academic excellence. We are proud of our engineering students receiving special awards for outstanding achievement in their academic work or for their service to the community.

The graduating seniors who have been chosen for an award or elected to one or more societies have demonstrated scholarly performance and personal integrity of a high order and their achievement is due to their talent and motivation. In classrooms and laboratories they have established themselves in leadership roles. Their accomplishments inspire their peers, the faculty, and the entire University community.

We congratulate these student scholars for what they have achieved. We remind them that they have a responsibility to use their talents and energies to become leaders in their chosen fields.