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Engineering News Winter 2019

  • The Big Move is On: Above and Beyond

    Big changes are underway for the School of Engineering with construction set to begin on the new Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation. Here is an update on the moves that have occurred and the people who made it all happen.

  • A Different Perspective

    Undergraduates Austin Colon, Shane Buck, and Steven Pretlove didn’t head for college straight out of high school. Instead, they entered the military. And after serving their country, they enrolled in community college before transferring into Santa Clara University. Here's their story.

  • Creating Biomedical Robots to Help Doctors Discover and Diagnose

    As part of a team of five researchers from three universities, On Shun Pak is helping develop a new class of robots that will wiggle, swim or drag themselves along the body's natural pathways, making diagnosis safer and allowing access to the most fragile environments.

  • O Pioneers!

    Lots of news coming out of the Department of Bioengineering: Sharing spaces and instruments in their new laboratory facilities is affording new opportunities for collaboration among faculty, and the department has implemented new focus areas in translational bioengineering and BioAI.

  • Broadening Horizons

    Last quarter, 39 undergraduates from bioengineering, civil, environmental and sustainable engineering, computer science and engineering, and mechanical engineering fulfilled their dreams and expanded their horizons through Study Abroad. Here, two of our students share their experiences.

  • Building Hawaii: Vince Llorin '92

    SCU's 1990 national collegiate boxing champ, alumnus Vince Llorin '92, loves spending his time surfing and keeping Hawaii's infrastructure safe as a project manager for the State Department of Transportation highways division.

  • Reaching for the Stars, Powered by a Dream

    Kamak Ebadi first dreamed of working at NASA as a 14-year-old boy in Iran. Now, he's living his dream while pursuing his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. It didn't come easy, but planning made it happen.

  • What's God Got to Do With It?

    Does God have anything to do with innovation? Does innovation have anything to do with God? These two questions are the catalyst of a conversation Lanny Vincent, engineering adjunct lecturer, is avid about sparking in his new course, Innovation Theology: An Introduction.