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Interdisciplinary Design Engineering And Service

“Tell me, and I forget.  Teach me, and I remember.  Involve me, and I learn."

This famous quote by Ben Franklin was a driving force in the development of our service learning program.  Service learning supports the mission of Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering to prepare our students for professional excellence, responsible citizenship, and service to society.  The IDEAS program supports and promotes community-based learning as a means of providing students with real-world experience while they work with a client and to solve need-based problems. 

Involvement in community-based learning has been shown to create meaningful experiences that have been show to attract more women and other underrepresented populations to the field of engineering. Community-based learning provides students the experience to build their soft skills, including teamwork, communication, professionalism and global awareness.  

The IDEAS program provides the infrastructure necessary to develop and maintain community partnerships, bringing continuity and making interdisciplinary projects available to the community based projects course as well as to faculty interested in projects for other classes.   The program not only continues to support the ongoing faculty and student projects, but fosters strong ties to the community and has become the clearinghouse for resources and information regarding community projects. 

Click for more information about the development of IDEAS.

  • Shoba Krishnan

    Shoba Krishnan

    Engr111 Instructor
    Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering