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John Hawley

John Hawley
John Hawley


Dr. John C. Hawley joined the faculty in 1986. He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Pennsylvania. He has served on the executive committee of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, and the MLA's executive committees on Literature and Religion, on Literature in English Other Than British and American, and on Postcolonial Studies, and served on its Delegate Assembly. He has been President of the Faculty Senate here, and has served as President of the U.S. chapter of the Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies.

Research Interests

  • Victorian and postcolonial literatures
  • Gender studies
  • Intersection between religion and literature
  • He has edited a number of books including The Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies (Greenwood, 2001);
  • Postcolonial, Queer: Theoretical Intersections (SUNY, 2001)
  • Divine Aporia: Postmodern Conversations About the Other (Bucknell, 2000).
  • In 2003 he guest edited an issue of South Asian Review, Globalization and Disapora
  • He co-edited with Revathi Krishnaswamy a book on the intersection of globalization and postcolonial theory. In July of 2003 he presented a paper "Theorizing the Diaspora" at the Postcolonial and Globalization Conference at the University of Northampton, Great Britain
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae