Department ofEnglish


How Cite? Why Cite?

March 3rd, 4-5:15pm in Kennedy Commons 102.

What do we mean when we talk about academic integrity, ethical source use, and even plagiarism?

To find out, come hear panelists from across campus in an interdisciplinary conversation that discusses how and why we cite sources across disciplines, classrooms, and professional communities. Influenced by our shared Jesuit context, panelists will describe the writing cultures that sustain their teaching and scholarly lives at Santa Clara University.

Hear from the Academic Integrity Officer (Lester Deanes), a librarian (Jennifer Nutefall), a writing studies scholar (Tricia Serviss), the Director of The HUB Writing Center (Denise Krane), a psychology professor (Patti Simone), a business communication expert (Kevin Visconti), student leaders …. and you, SCU community members! Come with your questions and experiences to share!

Students, staff, faculty all welcome and warmly invited.

Simone Billings, Director of Core Writing Program
Tricia Serviss, Assistant Professor of English
Roundtable possible thanks to the generous funding of the Bannan Institute