Department ofEnglish


How Compose? Why Compose?

Most of us know what multimodal writing and composing are – or do we?

When students and faculty talk about multimodal writing and composing, are we all talking about the same thing? Panelists from faculty to students, from English to Music, will discuss how they compose and why they compose in the ways that they do – and it isn’t always with alphabetic text at the forefront. How does disciplinary perspective play into interacting with and creating multimodal themselves? And how do students and faculty learn to interact with and create such texts?

Excited about these ideas? Please come and share your ideas with the panelists and with each other. Students, staff, and faculty all welcome and warmly invited.

Facilitators: Simone Billings, Director of Core Writing Program
Tricia Serviss, Assistant Professor of English

Roundtable possible thanks to the generous funding of the Bannan Institute