Department ofEnglish


Writing Award Winners and Honorees from 2014-2015

Jacob Wilbers
Winner of the Christiaan Lievestro Prize for his portfolio “The Proper Use of Colorblindness in America’s Educational System,” “Becoming Human: Character Growth in Rasselas,” “Women and World Order: The Peculiar Place and Power of Females in Hamlet”

Patrick McDonell
Winner of the Katherine Woodall Prize for his essay “Creating the Elevator: The Creation of Place in Clash of Civilizations over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio”

Forrest Nguyen
Winner of the Tamara Verga Prize for his poem [untitled: Ghazal]

Kalyn Josephson
Winner of the McCann Short Story Contest for her short story “A Bit Scruffy”

Sabrina Barreto
Winner of the Shipsey Poetry Prize for her poem “Summer Glimpses”

Marissa Martinez, Max Nguyen, Erin Root and Max Silva
Winners of the Multimodal Writing Prize for their anti-privilege campaign: “Beyond Guilt: Solidarity Through Action”

Natalie Grazian and Helena Isabella Alfajora
Canterbury Scholars 2015-2016

Addison Beck, Frankie Bastone and Avery Unterreiner
English Club Officers 2015-2016

Jacob Lans and TJ Brown
Editors of the Santa Clara Review 2015-2016