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Bryn Willson, Health Care Ethics Intern Alumna

Bryn Willson, Health Care Ethics Intern Alumna

Bryn Willson

Willson was a 2010-11 Health Care Ethics Intern. Her time spent in a variety of departments solidified her decision to pursue a medical degree. More specifically, she found a strong interest in palliative care and geriatric medicine. "The Health Care Ethics Internship and Hospice showed me that death does not always mean failure, and there is such a thing as a 'good death,'" Willson says. She is currently a first year medical student at Creighton University. She believes ethics is a crucial aspect of medicine, and that "students with a background in health care ethics will be needed more than ever to help their colleagues and their patients safely navigate these uncharted waters."

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Reflection on the Health Care Ethics Internship


Elizabeth "Liz" Connelly, pictured here with Anna Kozas, who coordinates the Health Care Ethics Internship Program, was an intern and also held the Honzel Fellowship, serving as a peer mentor for other interns.  Through the program, she learned "how human emotions are not extraneous barriers to providing accurate and quality care. Instead, they are equal partners in the creation of the patient's situation and therefore should be equally important in caring for patients."

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