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Health Care Ethics Alumni

Natasha Ahuja, Health Care Ethics Intern Alumna

Natasha Ahuja, Health Care Ethics Intern Alumna

Natasha Ahuja

Ahuja was a 2010-11 Health Care Ethics Intern. She enjoyed shadowing various healthcare professionals and gaining exposure to numerous departments in the medical field and the myriad ethical dilemmas that are faced on a daily basis. The ethical topics discussed during the internship really resonated with Ahuja, and after graduating from Santa Clara University she applied for and was accepted into a Master's in Medical Ethics program at Arizona State. However, Ahuja went on to accept a different program and is currently a first year medical student at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

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Reflection on the Health Care Ethics Internship


Elizabeth "Liz" Connelly, pictured here with Anna Kozas, who coordinates the Health Care Ethics Internship Program, was an intern and also held the Honzel Fellowship, serving as a peer mentor for other interns.  Through the program, she learned "how human emotions are not extraneous barriers to providing accurate and quality care. Instead, they are equal partners in the creation of the patient's situation and therefore should be equally important in caring for patients."

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