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Government Ethics

The Center explores government ethics issues including campaign ethics, conflicts of interest, gifts to officials, transparency, budgeting, and other topics.


What is Government Ethics?

Hana Callaghan, director of Government Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, discusses policy, process, and politics. She reviews issues such as conflicts of interest, transparency, and the duties of loyalty and care required of public servants.

Commentary on Government Ethics

    Government Ethics Programs

    Public Sector Roundtable

    This quarterly meeting brings together city and county officials and representatives of special districts to share best practices and explore current issues in government ethics.

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    The Center hosts the Government Ethics Academy, which convenes public officials from 11 Bay Area counties to provide required AB1234 ethics training. We also partner with the State Legislative Leaders Foundation and the University of St. Thomas to present the State Legislative Leaders Summits, offering sessions on ethics in government.

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