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Government Ethics

Good government—sometimes that ideal gets buried under headlines about conflicts of interest, cronyism, and campaign finance irregularities.

But at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, we work to promote trust in government by using a framework for ethical decision making.  We convene government leaders to share best practices and receive training on fairness, transparency, integrity, and the other elements of values-based government. 

The Brown Act: Traps for the Unwary

Hana Callaghan talks with lawyer Joan Cassman about the Brown Act, California's public meeting law.

Government Ethics Stories


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    Ethics in the News

    • Free Warriors Tickets

      East Bay Politicians Get Free Warriors Tickets

      Is it ethical for public servants to use city-owned VIP basketball tickets for themselves?

    • A Conflict of Interest?

      A Conflict of Interest?

      Is there a conflict of interest when public officials like North Carolina treasurer Janet Cowell accept roles working in the private sector?

    • Research Ethics and Offshore Drilling

      Research Ethics and Offshore Drilling

      Executive Director Kirk Hanson comments on the desire by public officials for impartial research, specifically as it pertains to the possibility of offshore drilling proposals.