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Internet Ethics: Views From Silicon Valley

Commentary by Internet Ethics Program Director Irina Raicu and colleagues

  • Smart cookie sticker

    How SCU Students Helped Clear Some Cookies

    Ambassadors of Privacy, on Data Privacy Day

    For Data Privacy Day 2016, we decided to distribute offline cookies in order to raise awareness of the online kind.

  • Privacy Now

    Data Privacy: Harms and Defenses

    January 28 Is "Data Privacy Day"

    A brief list of harms that can result from unbridled data collection and use online, followed by a brief list of things you might do to protect yourself.

  • Codes of our own invention

    On Privacy, Vulnerability, and Linguistic Creativity

    Codes of Our Own Invention

    In a time of new surveillance tools, coded language can protect privacy.

  • Responding to Extremist Content Online

    Responding to Extremist Content Online

    Should Silicon Valley help disrupt ISIS?

    The San Bernardino massacre has led to calls for social media companies to take action against violent radical online content.

  • ethics of encription

    The Ethics of Encryption

    After the Paris attacks

    Cybersecurity experts are arguing, anew, that there is no way to allow selective access to encrypted materials without also providing a way for bad actors to access such materials, too.

  • President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

    An Original Voice

    Choreographed spontaneity on Twitter

    A report that the White House digital media team is developing an "original voice" for President Obama raises questions about the role of the press.

  • Metaphors of Big Data

    Metaphors of Big Data

    Words fail us.

    Metaphors currently used to describe “big data” fail to acknowledge the vast variety of vast datasets that are now being collected and processed.

  • Snowden

    On Snowden, Civil Disobedience, and Whistleblower Protection

    Snowden in the presidential campaign

    Could Edward Snowden have used whistleblower protection statutes?

  • Et Tu, Barbie?

    Et tu, Barbie?

    New toy raises privacy concerns

    High tech version of Barbie records children's interactions for parents (and hackers?) to hear.

  • The Ethics of Ad-Blocking

    As the number of people who are downloading ad-blocking software has grown, so has the volume of the debate about the ethics of ad-blocking. Is it theft? A justified defensive measure? An interim step in an ongoing arms race?

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