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Priority Trust Indicators and Draft Editorial Attributes


At the Trust Project we want to fight fake news, pop filter bubbles and elevate high quality, ethically produced news so both the public and news distribution platforms can find it easily.

Please review the chart below for the draft attributes of our Trust Indicators, which offer transparency across multiple dimensions, and follow the links for editorial definitions. These were identified from user research and defined by our working groups of top editors around the world.

Best Practices - Protocol


Site Level


 Ethics Policy

Mission Statement with Coverage Priorities

Diversity Policy

Verification/Fact-checking Standards

Corrections Policy and Practice

Unnamed Sources

Ownership Structure, Funding & Grants 

Actionable Feedback: Public Engagement Activities



Article Level


Corrections Prominently Displayed


Author/Producer (Bio and ID verification) - Protocol


Site Level


Name (or byline)

Contact Details


Persistent ID


Affiliation with Publisher

Languages Spoken

Honors, Awards

Areas of Expertise

Archive of published texts/pieces for this publisher


Professional Affiliations (recommended)

Piece of Work Level



Phrase describing author/producer expertise as relates to this story


Cross-reference: Methodology indicator

Location (or dateline)

Archive of published texts/pieces for this publisher

Affiliation Status

Citations and References - Protocol


Original Documents

Bio of Sources/Interviewees

Third Party Original Materials

Secondary Sources

Collected and Analyzed Data


Type of Work - Protocol






Fact Check



Investigative (optional)

Sponsored Content

Methodology - Protocol


Original Work

Sourcing and methodology

Author/producer expertise page

Linked to mission

Identify editors or fact-checking process 

 Version information

Show corrections

Show version history

Geo-location of journalist if she/he traveled for the story  
Local Reporting - Protocol


Story originally reported by a local media outlet

Producer/author has local expertise

Original video gathered by local media outlet

Geo-location of the author/producer

Story first aired or published on local media platform

Diverse Voices - Protocol


Diversity statement

Specific Practices

Related attributes from other Trust indicators 

Actionable Feedback - Protocol


Statement of Commitment

Practices Relevant to Story