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Collaborator Materials

Priority Trust Indicators and Draft Editorial Attributes


At the Trust Project we want to fight fake news, pop filter bubbles and elevate high quality, ethically produced news so both the public and news distribution platforms can find it easily.
The chart below shows our eight core Trust Indicators and their attributes, which offer transparency across multiple dimensions. Follow the links (in red) for editorial guidance on each. Our indicators were identified from user research and defined by our working groups of top editors from around the world.
Best Practices - Guidelines


Site Level


Ethics Policy

Mission Statement with Coverage Priorities

Diversity Statement

Verification/Fact-checking Standards

Diversity Staffing Report

Unnamed Sources

Corrections Policy and Practice

Actionable Feedback Statement and Contact Info

Ownership Structure, Funding & Grants

Newsroom Contact Info

Founding Date

Reference to Trust Project Membership

Masthead (list of top editors)


Piece of Work Level


Link to Best Practices Policies

Policies Especially Relevant to the Work

Author/Reporter Expertise Information - Guidelines


Site Level


Name (byline)

Contact Details

Photo (optional)

Persistent ID

Location (where based)

Affiliation with Publisher/Job Title or Role

Languages Spoken

Honors, Awards (recommended)

Areas of Expertise

Archive of Published Texts/Pieces

 - Local/Demographic Expertise

Professional Memberships (recommended)

 - Topic Expertise

Author/Producer Page Link



Piece of Work Level



Affiliation Status

Location (dateline)

Archive of Published Work

Local/Demographic Expertise

Topic Expertise

Author/Reporter Expertise Page Link

Persistent ID

Type of Work - Guidelines





Fact Check



Help us Report 

Advertiser Content

Citations and References - Guidelines


Internal Original Documents and Data

Secondary News Sources (including local, ethnic sources and original video)

External Original Documents and Data (including Source Bios)

Methodology - Guidelines


Original Work (externally signaled)

Sourcing and Methodology Statement

Author/Reporter Expertise Page

Best Practices Unnamed Sources Policy (when in use)

Identify Editor

Linked to Mission, Coverage (when especially relevant)

Identify Fact-Checker

Best Practices Mission Statement and Coverage Priorities policy

Best Practices Verification/Fact-checking Policy

Version Information (recommended)

Show Corrections

Show Version History (recommended)

Best Practices Corrections Policy

Best Practices Diversity Policy (when especially relevant)

Location if Journalist Traveled for Story (dateline)

Original Video is Local

Local Reporting - Guidelines




Diverse Voices - Guidelines


Diversity Statement

Specific Practices

Related Attributes from Other Trust Indicators 

Actionable Feedback - Guidelines


Statement of Commitment

Practices Relevant to Story



Tech Development and UX Working Groups


Hearst Television
Independent Journal Review
Institute for Nonprofit News
New York Times
Washington Post
The Globe and Mail
USA Today Network


The Economist
La Stampa
La Repubblica
Haymarket Media
Trinity Mirror