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Pilot Projects

The Center's Trust Project develops digital strategies to signal trustworthiness in reporting to both audiences and search engines. Current pilot projects at Trust Project partner media include:


Citations and annotations. Develop a simple citation template that can be easily integrated into reporter/producer workflow. Citations include primary source material such as research articles and data. Related and contrary/opposing materials may be included as well. Assess reader response via user tracking, in-person reading analysis or survey form.[ Judd Apatow; Danny Meyer; Danny Meyer methods and results

Fact checking. Develop a process to fact-check selected coverage in a specific topic sphere, such as politics or government. Process includes transparency in reporting, editing, sources and resources; inclusion of community in fact-check selection. Training and guidelines provided by the American Press Institute. Track impact using American Press Institute’s Metrics for News Program. [API/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]  

Methodology. Develop a simple methodology template to inform users of the reporting that underpins a story. Components might include author bio, hours spent on the story and total sources consulted, including those that did not pan out. Track response by survey, time spent on page or other methods. [Toronto Globe & MailCrystal MythsThe Taken]

Other opportunities: Text corrections, author/producer bios, templates for transparency in reporting/sourcing and point-of-view if applicable; templates for transparency of editing/review;  corrections for video, trust through public engagement, curation and personalization to address social responsibilities of the press.