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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

User Interviews, Research and Reports

What does the public value in the news? What helps people trust it? What has broken their trust? How do these experiences and feelings intersect with the mission and values of journalism? These questions fuel the Trust Project.


Our interviews with news readers draw out public opinions on trust, ethics, values, quality, advertising, and other journalism questions. Designers, editors, and other members of our community can read these – and listen for insights.

Ten U.S. news readers: Avid to Annoyed
(interviews by Christine Kurjan, Quiver Consulting)
Readers across race, ethnicity, gender, generation and U.S. geography share their news habits, what they value in news, when and why they trust it, and when their trust is broken. We also collect rea

Three British news readers: Reactions to Trust Indicators and Prototypes
(interviews by Graham Bond, Jaron Murphy, Martin Buckley, Patricia Arlott, Chris Richards, Kevin O’Donovan, all faculty within the School of Business, Law and Communications, Southampton Solent University)

Articles and Reports

Online Chaos Demands Radical Action by Journalism to Earn Trust
Center Journalism Ethics Director Sally Lehrman and Google News Head Richard Gingras lay out the elements of trustworthy news.

The Trust Issue in Italy
La Stampa Editor Mario Calabresi reviews the research on audience views of the media in Italy.

Trust in Journalism: A Bibliography
Selected resources cover trust-generating tools, graphics, measures of trust, engagement and other topics.

Trust Project Summit Report


Videos on Trust in Journalism
Members of the Center's Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics look at the issue of trust.

External Resources

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Trust in the News in More Depth

The Trust Project, hosted by the Ethics Center, offers digital standards that show what's behind the news.