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Cultivating Diversity Across Race

Martin Reynolds

Martin Reynolds, Senior Editor of Community Engagement, Digital First Media
2013 Digital Journalism Ethics Roundtable

Diversity, said Martin Reynolds, “comes in many fashions.” At a presentation for the 2013 Digital Journalism Ethics Roundtable, Reynolds, senior editor of community engagement for Digital First Media, cited the "Fault Lines Framework" developed by the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, which outlines five kinds of diversity: race, class, gender, generation, and geography.

Reynolds suggested that in today's media environment one of the greatest challenges for news organizations is the lack of geographic diversity at the upper levels. "When you don't have people from the community making decisions about how the community should be covered," he said, news may be incomplete or biased.

Reynolds cautioned that diversity alone may not bring greater accuracy to coverage. In fact, as more voices are brought into the conversation, "we have to make sure that the problems we're trying to solve by fostering diversity are not repeated by its presence," he said. "We have to make sure there are provisions in place to make sure the narrative that is brought forth is fair and accurate for everyone."

Jun 6, 2013