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Internet Ethics: Views From Silicon Valley

Commentary by Internet Ethics Program Director Irina Raicu and colleagues

  • man about to be hit by wave of 0s and 1s

    "What Would Brandeis Say?"

    Decisions about free speech and privacy

    Would Brandeis have approved of the "right to be forgotten"?

  • neon light brain

    What Does the Internet Think?

    On personal data, personalized advertising, and pain

    How can we change online practices that lead to marketing that's both intrusive and inaccurate?

  • Julia Angwin

    Sentenced by Algorithm

    An upcoming talk by journalist Julia Angwin

    The criminal justice system is one of many contexts currently impacted by algorithmic decision-making. The notion of “algorithmic accountability,” however, is a developing concept.

  • Creating More Oases in Our Digital Deserts

    Internet access is, increasingly, a necessity

    How might we make internet access—and digital literacy education—readily accessible to all low-income residents of Silicon Valley and the rest of the state?

  • image for Art of Privacy Education blog post

    The Art of Privacy Education

    An art exhibit reframes the issue of lack of consent

    An art exhibit brings together images uploaded to the internet from unprotected surveillance cameras.

  • Transparent screen

    On Trumping Privacy Choices

    How do we make respect for internet users hip again?

    Privacy is not about secrecy, or hiding: it is about choice.

  • Ethics

    On Artificial Intelligence and the Public Good

    Responding to a Request for Information from the Office of Science and Technology Policy

    The federal office of Science and Technology Policy requested public feedback on “overarching questions in [Artificial Intelligence]"; Shannon Vallor, who is the William J. Rewak Professor at Santa Clara University, submitted a response.

  • geyser in Yellowstone

    Old Fashioned Old Faithful

    Augmenting reality

    Of geysers and Pokemon: How should we best explore and capture the beauty of the natural world?

  • Google self-driving car

    Modern Variations on the Trolley Problem

    More than a meme

    The Trolley Problem is a thought experiment that continues to be useful—and not just in academia.

  • man looking through VR headset

    Reviving the Office of Technology Assessment

    We need it more than we ever did before.

    Lawmakers have again rejected a renewed effort to revive the Office of Technology Assessment.