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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Readings in AI Ethics

Readings in AI Ethics

Readings in AI Ethics

Irina Raicu

Irina Raicu is the director of the Internet Ethics program at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.  Views are her own.

Amid a maelstrom of articles and academic papers addressing the ethics of artificial intelligence, the following selection of readings aims to highlight some key issues. While it is by no means exhaustive, we hope it will provide a useful starting point for conversations about AI ethics. (Note: most recently updated on 3/3/2021, with five additional readings.)

Don’t Believe Every AI You See
by danah boyd

AI Researchers Allege that Machine Learning Is Alchemy
by Matthew Hutson

Should We Be Afraid of AI?
by Luciano Floridi

Anatomy of an AI System
by Kate Crawford and Vladan Joren

How AI Will Rewire Us
by Nicholas Christakis

Style Is an Algorithm
by Kyle Chayka

Algorithms Aren’t Racist. Your Skin Is Just Too Dark.
by Joy Buolamwini

If AI Is Going to Be the World’s Doctor, It Needs Better Books
by Dave Gershgorn

When Are Predictions Policies?
by Zachary Lipton

Giving Algorithms a Sense of Uncertainty Could Make Them More Ethical
by Karen Hao

The Weirdest Languages
by Tyler Schnoebelen

Alexa and The Age of Casual Rudeness
by Ken Gordon

We Don't Need Robots that Resemble Humans
by Evan Selinger

The Ethics of Automation: Poetry and Robot Priests
by David O’Hara

Attacks Against Machine Learning: An Overview
by Elie Bursztein

AI Ethics: Seven Traps
by Annette Zimmerman and Bendert Zevenbergen

Moral Deskilling and Upskilling in a New Machine Age
by Shannon Vallor

Multi-year datasets suggest projecting outcomes of people’s lives with AI isn’t so simple
By B. Rose Huber

States' Automated Systems Are Trapping Citizens in Bureaucratic Nightmares With Their Lives on the Line
By Alejandro De La Garza

Masakhane: Using AI to Bring African Languages Into the Global Conversation
By Katie Cashman

AI Index Diversity Report: An Unmoving Needle
By Beth Jensen

Deep Learning’s Carbon Emissions Problem
By Rob Toews

A Misdirected Application of AI Ethics
by Abeba Birhane and Jelle Van Dijk

Why Robustness Is Key to Deploying AI
by Jacob Steinhardt and Helen Toner


Photo by Hillel Steinberg, cropped, used under a Creative Commons license.

Mar 8, 2019

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