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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

August 2016

Santa Clara University


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August 16 | 11:30 a.m. | Locatelli Center
We expect our corporate leaders to reflect their organizations' ethical values when they support nonprofits. This panel of corporate and community leaders will address the challenges of aligning their corporate social missions with the nonprofits they support. They will also share experiences and advice for nonprofits, as philanthropy in the corporate sector continues to evolve. Ervie Smith of Heritage Bank of Commerce, a member of the Center's Advisory Board and New Social Sector Ethics Advisory Group, will moderate. 

Presented by AFP Silicon Valley, Heritage Bank of Commerce, and media sponsor Silicon Valley Business Journal. Hosted by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

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On Campaign Mud-Slinging
Campaign communications should be factual, fair, and ethical, points out Director of Government Ethics Hana Callaghan. While this may seem obvious, unfortunately campaign mud-slinging is a persistent theme in this election. Political attack ads can target any candidate indiscretion, in what political commentator Peggy Noonan calls the "Golden Age of Mud-Slinging." The public's challenge is to distinguish fact from fiction and ultimately determine which candidate communicates ethically. 
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Global Trust Project Launches
The Ethics Center Trust Project hosts a global Trust Hack September 23-24 to pool high-level technical expertise from media organizations in order to address the public's lack of confidence in journalism. Participants will work in teams to build applications that news media companies can use to demonstrate their content as trustworthy, and so more easily highlight it on news distribution platforms. The event will combine a live hack with several international hack teams connecting virtually.
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Augmented Reality and Old Faithful
These days, the hottest thing to do outside is to play Pokeman Go, a game of augmented reality users play on their phones in which Pokemon characters are superimposed on real-life setting and players are prompted to "catch" them. The game has been praised for prompting players to explore their surroundings and encouraging them to walk, often in the company of other players. In Yellowstone National Park, though, people have long been exploring in the company of others, and reality is already "augmented" with fuming fumaroles, thundering waterfalls, multicolored pools of boiling water, vast icy lakes, bison and elk and wolves, and many many geysers. Is it old fashioned to hope that Old Faithful is not, right now, a PokeStop or gym?
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Business Ethics MOOC Fall Launch
Enrollment is open for our popular "Business Ethics for the Real World," a free, self-paced online course taught by Ethics Center Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson. The course can be taken any time from August 29-December 18. It provides an introduction to the role ethics plays in business, the most commonly encountered ethical dilemmas in a business career, and practical advise on how to identify ethical dilemmas. The course takes about eight hours to complete, and all finishers receive an official letter of completion and badge. 
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Announcing Social Sector Ethics
The Ethics Center is pleased to announce its new Social Sector Ethics Program, which will help nonprofit executives, staff, volunteers, advisors, and other stakeholders create an ethical culture in the sector and the organizations that serve it. A variety of activities are planned to explore aspects of social sector leadership and standards of practice.
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Media Mentions

Finances Investigated at City College

Executive Director Kirk Hanson is quoted in a New York Times story investigating the finances of New York's City College president and an affiliated nonprofit foundation. "The process of one fund reimbursing another may be a red flag that they don't want scrutiny," said Hanson. 
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Plagiarism in Political Speeches
Director of Government Ethics Hana Callaghan comments for the Mercury News on the significance of Melania Trump delivering a speech that was partially plagiarized. "With a case of plagiarism, you're dealing with a theft of words and ideas that comes across as dishonest," said Callaghan. 
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Upcoming Events
Catholicism, Nonviolence, and Peace
Ken Butigan, director of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, presents highlights of last spring's "Vatican Conference on Nonviolence." He will detail the steps emerging from the unprecedented meeting to spread active nonviolence throughout the Church and the world, addressing the violence and injustice of our time. 
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